Thursday, October 6, 2016

Dakota Fanning Talks Life In New York City

Dakota Fanning recently sat down for an interview with Town & Country Magazine. Here's what she had to say:

On living in New York City:
"Everyone in New York is very self-involved. They're focused on themselves. Like, walking down the street, people are just in their own zone. There are times where you do snap. Someone bumps into you one too many times, and you're just like…" 

On working with Charlie Sheen on Spin City when she was 6:
"Charlie Sheen gave me a signed headshot. I think it said, 'Keep it real.' But real was spelled reel, like a film reel. I loved Charlie. He gave all of the kids a headshot. That was a really nice thing to do."

On people's perpetually seeing her as "the perfect child":
"Which is fine. It is. I'm a very private person. I've been thinking lately about how much do I care what other people's preconceived notions of me are. They definitely exist. They always will, to an extent, because I've been acting for 16 years already and I'm 22...I was raised by very traditional Southern parents with Southern manners. You don't air your dirty laundry to people that aren't your family or your friends. Why would I ever want to portray myself as anything other than together?"

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