Thursday, October 6, 2016

Jaime King Talks Beauty Products and Famous Godparents

Jaime King recently sat down for an interview with E! News. Here's what she had to say:

On trends:
"I think that everybody has to find what works for them. I want people to have fun playing with trends, but not do it to 'stay cool.' You're cool because you're you, and I encourage everyone to find their own signature look."

What's your everyday makeup look?
"Well, I immediately put on 100 SPF. Even if you're in the sun for 30 seconds, you're at risk for skin cancer. My mom hammered that into me way before people knew about it, so I'm just very conscious about having my SPF on."

Do you have a signature lip color?
"Mine has always been red. Ever since I was a kid, it's always been red. I also feel like it's a very dramatic, classic, beautiful color. When people think about my classic look, I think they see me with clean skin, lashes and a red lip."

What beauty brand are you loving at the moment?
"I am a thorough researcher of anything organic in regards to beauty products. It's something I think is incredibly essential and, you know, you're always looking for the one that really works. It truly is a new concept in terms of innovation and when I discovered WEI Beauty, the whole idea of farm-to-face was a real game-changer for me. There's just something about the line that's clean and beautiful and nourishing and elegant—from the packaging to what it actually does for your skin.

I have really dry skin, and there are a lot of things on the market you can put on your skin, but they're all going directly into your body, so it feels really good knowing that I'm putting things into my body that are actually really good for me. Also, I've noticed my skin's been glowing since I started using their products."

Do you use any "unorthodox" beauty products?
"Neat Cheeks—they're Stevia-based wipes to clean your kid's face (or whatever) and I started using them because I ran out of makeup wipes. When it comes to taking off my makeup, they've changed my life. I'll use those and then I'll use WEI Beauty's cleansing products on top of it."

Your sons have some pretty amazing (and famous) godparents. Are there particular things you hope they take from each?
"James Knight's godmother is Jessica Alba who has been my friend for over a decade. I choose people not because of who they are, but because of who they are are in their heart of hearts, in their soul. It really has nothing to do with the fact they're Taylor Swift or Jessica Alba. It's a collective way of raising your children that has to do with the fact that you're choosing people who will help spiritually guide them and be there—you want them to feel like they have family that are always there.

You know, Jared Eng, who runs Just Jared, is really another godfather. Topher Grace is James Knight's godfather and Leo Thames' godfather is my husband's brother Colin. But Jared is one of the most important figures in their life. He's over every single day, he puts them down to sleep, he is a consistent figure. I think it's really important (whether it be Taylor, Jess or whomever) that you have consistency in your life.

And they're gathering things from all these beautiful people. You know, when Leo hears Taylor's music he understands she writes those things and she brings those things. They feel the love and the support, and that's the most important thing."

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