Thursday, October 6, 2016

Blind Gossip Blind Item - Good Bye Cruel Industry

Waa waa waa!

This singer just can’t stop whining and seeking attention. That’s because PV is a Professional Victim… and a hypocrite!

She will jump on you for criticizing her body… but she wants to be able to criticize other celebrity’s bodies as not being “normal.”

She says that she is quitting social media… but is quiet for only 24 hours before coming back with more tweets and posts than ever.

She publicly begs for her boyfriend to propose to her… but after he breaks up with her pretends that it was a mutual decision and that she’s happy he’s dating his old girlfriend.

She’ll call you a liar on Twitter for saying that she has a coke problem… and then several months later will admit that she couldn’t go thirty minutes without doing coke.

She wants you to believe that she’s a role model for strength… when she spends most of her private time whining, crying and ingesting things to dull the horrible curse of being rich and famous.

Now she is pretending that she is dropping out of the entertainment industry. Sob! Goodbye, cruel industry! Goodbye, cruel world! I’m too nice and good and kind for you!

Maybe she should go to rehab. Not “Drug Rehab” or “Alcohol Rehab” mind you. Because – according to her – she’s sober! And strong! Let’s just call it “Emotional Rehab” or “Anxiety Rehab” or “Heartbreak Rehab” or “Fake Disease Rehab.”

Eye roll.


Source: Blind Gossip

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