Monday, June 26, 2017

Sofia Coppola and Nicole Kidman Talk Beguiled and Women in Hollywood

Sofia Coppola and Nicole Kidman recently sat down for a joint interview with the Associated Press to promote their new movie The Beguiled. Here's what they had to say, as reprinted by Page Six:

AP: Is it a good time for woman in Hollywood?
COPPOLA: I think right now I feel like there’s a lot of talk about it with “Wonder Woman” being a big success, that’s really exciting, and with our movie getting attention — it’s a female cast, a female story.

KIDMAN: And that it’s seen from the female perspective. I mean, this is very much from the vision of Sof, so that you see the film in terms how the women view it — the female gaze and not some … It is important. There’s a shift and there’s definitely some change happening. Is it enough? No. But you know we’re all doing what we can, and we’re fortunate to have the opportunities.

AP: Miss Martha’s sponge bath of Colin Farrell’s character could have easily taken a different tone with a different director.
KIDMAN: I love how demure it is. Well, it’s like it could have been much more. I just like how it’s very real.

COPPOLA: It could have gotten really over the top. But I love that we really focus in on you taking in his body. She hasn’t been around a man in so long. I think I was the most embarrassed shooting that scene. I’m sitting off camera and I was like, “Nicole, now can you wash his inner thigh?”

KIDMAN: And I’m staying completely in character. Colin is out, but not really.

COPPOLA: And I’m like turning red like asking her to wash his inner thigh and all my gay guy friends are like, “Couldn’t you have just moved that cloth over there? We wanted to see more!” It was funny, but you were all business.

AP: Have you ever walked away from something, Nicole?
KIDMAN: Many times. But for an array of reasons. Sometimes it’s because of family … There are so many life issues that come into it when you’re working. We both have children and that’s a big commitment, isn’t it? … At one point, I think I was pregnant with Sunday, and I was like, “I’m going to give up acting, I’m done. It’s too much. And the baby and that’s it.” And my mom was like, “Don’t do that. Take some time off but don’t give it up.” She said, “Keep your toe in the water” because she said, “You’re going to want that as you get older.” And it’s also healthy, if you have a creative spirit and you’re artistic, there does have to be a place for that.

COPPOLA: That’s true, if not it doesn’t get expressed…

KIDMAN: It can manifest in different ways.

Read the full interview at Page Six.

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