Monday, June 26, 2017

Emma Bunton Talks Boy Bands

Emma Bunton is one of the judges on the new reality show competition Boy Band, along with Nick Carter and Rita Ora. Bunton recently sat down for an interview with Entertainment Weekly; here's what she had to say:

 ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: What made you want to be a part of this show?
EMMA BUNTON: Being in a group is a really amazing part of this industry. You look after each other. You travel together. You go through so much. With the Spice Girls, we had a connection that I don’t think anyone else will understand. It’s an amazing feeling to have other people with you on this journey. With this show, we’re looking for guys that can respect other people, have fun, and look after each other. That’s been one of the best parts.

With a few exceptions — like Fifth Harmony on The X Factor — U.S. talent competitions have struggled to produce actual stars in recent years. Is TV still a viable launching pad for new artists?

Absolutely! These guys have the best vocal coaches and the best choreographers. After this, they really have to prove themselves and work hard to keep it up, but it’s an incredible opportunity. In Boy Band, I want to get to know [the contestants] as a group and as an individual. As the Spice Girls, we were all very individual and different but we connected. You have to have your own thing going on.

Rita Ora has said that the Spice Girls were her first obsession and a major influence. When you first met, did she play it cool?

We’ve hung out quite a bit in London; we’ve been out clubbing and stuff. She has told me she’s a huge Spice Girls fan. We’ve had little sing-alongs to some old Spice Girls songs! I always ask, “Hey — who was your favorite?” She’s great fun to be around. I’m a fan of hers as well.

Last year, to celebrate the 20th anniversary of “Wannabe,” you, Geri Halliwell, and Mel B teased a mini Spice Girls reunion project. Is that still happening?

We all adore each other and are constantly in contact, but we’ve all got children and other projects, so it’s just about getting that time together. We really appreciate that the fans have been nothing but supportive. There’s a whole new generation still listening to Spice Girls songs and still watching the movie. We feel really honored.

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