Thursday, June 29, 2017

Emilia Clarke Talks Powerful Women

Emilia Clarke is on the cover of Rolling Stone. Here's what she had to say in the accompany interview:

On being unfazed by fame:
"I'm crap at getting recognized. People are like, 'Oh, hey!' And I'm like 'God! Oh, hi! I'm sorry!' "

On sexism:
"I feel so naive for saying it, but it's like dealing with racism. You're aware of it, and you're aware of it, but one day, you go, 'Oh, my God, it's everywhere!' Like you suddenly wake up to it and you go, 'Wait a fucking second, are you . . . are you treating me different because I've got a pair of tits? Is that actually happening?' It took me a really long time to see that I do get treated differently. But I look around, and that's my daily life."

On being nude onscreen:
"It doesn't stop me from being a feminist. Like, guess what? Yes, I've got mascara on, and I also have a high IQ, so those two things can be one and the same."

On the evolution of her Game of Thrones character:
"Women have been great rulers. And then for that to be a character that I'm known to play? That's so fucking lucky. Anyone who seems to think that it's not needed need only look at the political environment we're all living in to be like, 'Oh, no, it's needed. It is needed.' "

On her experiences at drama school:
"They broke us down. But if you're a favorite at school, you're fucked for life. I mean, you come out and you're like, 'Hey, where's my golden egg?' Whereas when you haven't had that at all, you're just like, 'I will do anything. I will work harder than you could imagine.' "

On where she gets her values:
"I was so lucky that I was brought up with a mum who just showed by example. It was never spelt out that I would have a harder time in life. My family put a fair amount of onus on wanting to expand your thinking as opposed to shrinking your bottom."

On losing her father last July, around the same time Brexit happened and season 7 of Game of Thrones started filming:
"I definitely think I'm still in varying degrees of shock. There's no measure for it. There are all of these books about grief, but there's no guide. Like, 'Oh, on Tuesday, you'll feel this, but on Thursday, you'll be here.' ...The world felt like a scarier place once my dad wasn't in it. And then those two things happening in quick succession threw me off balance and made me re-evaluate who I am. And it was in that re-evaluation that I was like, 'I'm a fucking woman, and there aren't very many of us performing in the environment that I'm performing in. I need to be incredibly sure of the ground on which I'm standing, and I need to take ownership of the choices I'm making.' "

Read the full interview at Game of Thrones.

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