Thursday, June 15, 2017

Bella Thorne Talks Adventures in Dating

Bella Thorne recently sat down for an interview with Complex, where she talked about her dalliance with Scott Disick. Here's what she had to say:

On keeping it real:
“I’m the weirdest person ever. People meet me and they’re like, ‘Woah I’ve heard things about you—but you’re, like, really weird.'” 

On how she met Scott Disick:
“I throw a lot of house parties, and that’s how I meet these people. They come to my house party and they’re like, ‘Yo, I heard you’re having a party,’ and I’m just like, ‘Okay, French Montana. Hi, French.’ That’s how I met Scott—he came to a house party of mine [with French] and I was like ‘hi’.”

On why things fizzled out:
“Scott is really nice, sweet, charming. I don’t drink, and he really drinks a lot. And it just ended up ...I just wasn’t down. I was like, ‘I gotta leave.’ We were [at Cannes] a day and a half before I was like I’m booking my flight and leaving. I love to go out and have fun, I love to fucking dance, but I just don’t party hardcore like that and it was way too much for me. I was like, ‘Woah, this is not the way I live my life, bruh.’” 

On the pick of Scott Disick grabbing her boob:
“Honestly, my nipple came out of my bikini and he tried to fix it for me and it looks like he’s grabbing my boob. That’s very nice of you to actually not sit there and stare at my nipple because my boobs are big—they come out of my shirt all the time! You can’t keep those suckers down."

On setting the record straight:
“It’s hard because everybody’s like, no don’t comment on it. But I try to use [social media] to speak up because it just genuinely irks me. I’m just like, ‘I can’t believe I’m reading this right now, like this is absurd. You sketchy-ass bitches. Where’d you hear that?’” 

On coming out as bisexual last summer:
 “I was like, okay, this is gonna get blown up into this and that, but you do need more people out there being open and honest. My fans, they need that. It really wasn’t meant to be a big deal, it was kind of just meant to be like, ‘Yo, by the way, a little side note: I’m bisexual, if you didn’t already know. If it wasn’t obvious.’” 

On why she shares so much on social media:
“A lot of people come up to me on the street and tell me I’ve changed their life in some way. It is so fucking dope when somebody’s like, ‘Hey, I have dyslexia, you make me feel more comfortable,’ or, ‘I’ve been bullied and you help,’ or ‘I’m bisexual and I can come out to my parents.’ The hatred online is worth this—because on the other side of the hatred is the positive side, and it is so fucking awesome.” 

Read the full interview at Complex.

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