Thursday, September 29, 2016

Blind Gossip Exclusive Blind Item - Stop Banging Your Costar

Drama, drama, drama among cast members of this popular prime time TV series!

The handsome lead actor is “a horndog.” Always has been.

One of his conquests is a pretty female member of the cast. While their relationship is not public, they are seeing each other.

Here’s the problem: He considers it “friends with benefits.” She thinks that they are in a serious relationship. He is still screwing other women. She is demanding that he stop sleeping around and that he stop flirting with women online. He is refusing. They have been fighting since last season. The tension spilled over onto the set.

Right before they went on hiatus, the Show Runner put them both on the spot, told them that their relationship was hurting production, and warned them that they had better either break up or fix things before returning next season.

They didn’t break up. And nothing got fixed.

Now they are back in production and the fights between the two of them are worse then ever! He’s still sleeping around, and she’s still angry. Cast and crew members are choosing up sides. It’s a mess.

The Show Runner has had it with all of them! Since he can’t force fidelity or a breakup, he only has one way left to restore the peace: Boot one of them off the show! In fact, he’s already found the perfect spot in the season where one of them could be written off.

Which one will it be? Well, although The Actress is more well-liked by the cast and crew, The Actor is the bigger star. Therefore, we think that The Actress’ job is more likely at stake.

So, Actress, if you want to keep your job: Stop banging your costar!

BONUS CLUE! The cast and crew of the show read BG because they all love blind items!




Source: Blind Gossip - It's An Exclusive!

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