Monday, September 26, 2016

Blind Gossip Blind Item - That Extra Marital Shit

We told you that this divorce wasn’t about just one thing, but if you are confused about why there are so many different accusations and rumors flying around, check out what someone close to the situation told us:

"I know that all the news reports are saying that this is about weed or the kids, but it’s not.

[She] has fiercely guarded both of their reputations throughout the entire relationship. If she had just wanted [him] to stop drinking or stop smoking weed or yelling at the kids (which BTW he has been doing during their ENTIRE relationship) she could have gotten him to go to rehab by leaking an embarrassing story or by moving out or by filing for a separation.

But she didn’t do ANY of those things because she is NOT interested in his redemption or in him fixing things by going to rehab. Why not? Because 90% of this divorce is about that extra-marital shit!

She can’t attack him directly about his affairs (yes, plural) because people think that she deserves to be cheated on. Plus she knows that if she brings up HIS affairs he will bring up HER affairs. (Yes, they both cheated)

She wants to punish him and divorce him and move on and come out of this looking innocent. That’s why she is publicly putting out the reports about the kids and the weed. They are the tools to get her there."



Source: Blind Gossip - Beating a dead horse since 2008

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