Friday, October 14, 2016

Blind Gossip Blind Item - Band Couple Update

Fans used to guess that these two band mates were in a romantic relationship.

The fans were absolutely correct!

What the fans may not know is that there was a big and ongoing problem throughout their relationship.

The Taller One – who is rather flirty and charming – wanted to play up the relationship in public. Taller did not necessarily want to come out, but he did want to keep things fun, both  between them as a couple and between them and the fans.

Shorter, on the other hand, did NOT want to take the relationship public! He is a fun guy, but he started freaking out when people began catching on that he and Taller were dating. He wanted everything kept private.

This difference of styles and opinions created a lot of conflict between the two and led to their eventual demise as a couple.

Their current relationship is very strained. Shorter still gets really upset whenever people try to talk to him about his relationship with Taller. The two do have some professional obligations together, but outside of that, they hardly speak. Everyone around them finds that really sad, especially since they used to be so close.

The Shorter One continues to really struggle with his sexuality. He doesn’t want other people to think that he’s gay. That’s why he always tries to have a girlfriend around.

This denial isn’t helping Shorter’s mental state, either. He uses various substances to cope with his distress… and he’s had at least two complete mental breakdowns since 2012.

While we have no control over the decisions they make, we can’t help but think that if BOTH of them came out, they could get back together and be genuinely happy and healthy together. At the end of the day, wouldn’t that be just perfect?



Source: Blind Gossip

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