Monday, November 21, 2016

Nick Jonas Talks Abs

Nick Jonas is showing off his abs again, this time for the December cover of Men's Fitness Magazine. Here's what he had to say in the accompanying interview:

On his workout philisophy:
“It’s important to stay in your lane. One philosophy [trainer Gregg Miele] teaches that I really appreciate is that everybody’s got a different approach to fitness. No one way is wrong. Being competitive is good, but it can also leave you sore and struggling to recover. Your body feeds off that recovery time, so don’t push yourself so hard just to do better than the guy next to you in the gym.”

On preparing for his role in Kingdom:
I put on about 20 pounds of muscle in a month and a half. It was wild. But it was also hard to sleep. I was carrying more weight than I was used to, so I was sleeping very hard.”

On the Jonas Brothers breakup in 2013:
“I wouldn’t call it rock bottom, but there was some version of, ‘Am I going to be washed up at 21?’ I was living in delusion a little bit, too. Having a great amount of success at an early age—and then having a couple of years where things didn’t go quite right— you get to the point where you can either say, ‘It’s everyone else’s fault. They don’t get it,’ or you can go, ‘I need to make an adjustment. I need to evolve.’ Because it really is evolve or die. If you don’t continue to push yourself, it’s not going to work.”

On how living with Type-1 Diabetes impacts his life:
“When I’m on the road, I always make healthy choices. I don’t have a meal plan delivered to me, but I know what not to eat. I’m always cautious about the food I put in my body.”

On his love life:
“Well, I think love and romance happen for some people, and it’s an amazing thing. But right now I’m really serious about my work. I’ve got too much on the agenda to really think about losing myself to love.”

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