Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Russell Crowe Dined with Azealia Banks

Subtitled: When Angry Assholes Dine Together. TMZ reports that Russell Crowe held a 10-person dinner party at his Beverly Hills hotel where RZA brought Azealia Banks as his plus one. Predictably, she acted like an asshole, and said ". When she then reached for a glass, Crowe grabbed her in a bear hug, and carried her from the room. Hotel security then removed Banks from the hotel grounds. But of course Azealia Banks always has to be the victim, claimed that Crow choked her, threw her out, and spit on her. Four of the guests, including RZA, gave statements during the investigation corroborating Crowe'a account and verify that it was Banks who was acting like a crazy asshole. 

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