Monday, October 17, 2016

Pamela Anderson Talks Sex Again

Pamela Anderson recently appeared on This Morning to talk about sex. Here's what she had to say this time around:

“There is so much access to porn, people are becoming desensitized … in the multiple visual images that get weirder and stranger. It’s a big concern. I talk to a lot of mothers and I know I’m part of the problem. I should probably disqualify myself from the whole situation because I was in Playboy and I had a tape stolen from my home and exploited all over the world. And people saw things they should have never seen.”

On her sex life:
“Have you ever been treated like a porn star in bed? It’s no fun. Slapped, hit, called names, spit on. That’s sex these days.”

On telling people to stop watching porn:
“We’re talking about the sensual revolution. Having intimacy and intimate relationship with so much better sex. We’re not prudes. We’re not talking about no sex. We want better sex. Everyone wants to be desired in a relationship. That’s the number one thing. Pornography and access to other things is diminishing that. Girls and guys are being affected by this because young people are looking at this thinking, ‘This is how I have to act and behave in a sexual relationship.'”

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