Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Faye Dunaway Hasn't Lost Her Edge

Faye Dunaway recently sat down for a profile with Harper's Bazaar. Here's what she had to say:

When shooting the pictures to accompany the article: 
"Everybody out of my eye line!" (when she wasn't objecting to a camera angle or an outfit)

On getting slapped by Jack Nicholson in Chinatown:

"We tried it the other way, where he puts his hand just in front of my face, but it didn't work,. Finally I said, 'Jack, you're just going to have to hit me.' In the scene, Evelyn is cracking open the secret that has tortured her and controlled her life for so long. This is real tragedy. So the physical aspect of the scene was a challenge, but the emotion was the main thing that had to be right."

On being drawn to complicated characters (after refusing to discuss Mommy Dearest):
"Those were the hot roles, and I'm glad I got them. It made a career, and I did them well, well at least I think I did...They led to an image of me as being not vulnerable, not real, not a feeling, caring woman. It's hard for me to find real roles that have a kindness and a softness, because people associate me so much with these overly strong women. So print this, will you? I'm looking for roles where I can still be strong but that are also softer and gentler and reflect to a greater degree who I actually am."

On not getting involved with her leading men (with the exception of Marcello Mastroianni):
"You just don't. I have a rule: You know it's going to ruin the performance and ruin the movie, so you don't do that."

On dating:
"I think it's important to have a partner, probably. If it does happen, I'll be very happy. I'm a loner. I kind of like to be alone and do my work and, you know, be focused on my own things. So we'll see what happens."

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