Thursday, September 22, 2016

Blind Gossip Blind Item - The First Wife

Rumors are flying that The First Wife was the cause of the divorce between these two superstars!


1. First Wife was as blindsided by the announcement that The Actor and his Second Wife were splitting as everyone else.

"She had no idea. None. She was genuinely surprised."

2. First Wife does occasionally speak to The Actor, but it’s not a regular thing. After their divorce, he bought her out of a business they owned together, but they still chat if an issue comes up about one of the projects they did together.

"Their conversations are civil and professional. They talk about work (acting, producing). [The First Wife] never speaks to or even asks about [The Second Wife] and The Actor doesn’t usually bring her up."

3. First Wife and The Actor rarely see each other in person. There is some professional overlap and they are occasionally in the same building because they have the same agent. However, they certainly aren’t going out to dinner or having clandestine meetups at the local Motel 6.

4. First Wife is married, and her relationship with her husband is going well.

"Not perfect, but it’s going fine. She isn’t cheating on him or anything like that."

5. First Wife is not pregnant. And she is definitely not pregnant with The Actor’s baby.

"No, definitely not pregnant with anybody’s baby!"

So, First Wife is definitely NOT the reason that the superstar couple broke up. While conspiracy theorists would LOVE for the First Wife to have played an active role in the divorce… and for her to get back together with The Actor… and for her to get pregnant by him… and for them to live happily ever after… it’s not going to happen.

In the meantime, she will keep quiet about the situation.

"She is going to be smart and not comment on the situation. When words do come out of her mouth, they will be very carefully rehearsed and demonstrate maturity and appropriate concern for the well-being of the people involved."

In other words, you will never hear her say, “BWAHAHAhahaha!”

Not in public, anyway.

Source: Blind Gossip

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